When your big race is canceled

Over the fall, I began increasing my mileage with my friend. She was training for a half marathon and it made sense to increase my miles too. I was no where near a half marathon, but really enjoying our 6 mile runs.

My friend signed up for the Hyannis Marathon which offers a half marathon and 10k option. She was doing the half as a part of the Cape Cod Half Marathon trilogy. I thought it would be great to push myself for the 10k. I even talked my husband into running the longer distance. A few other friends were joining in and we were all excited to run this race.

Then Cape Cod turned into a snow globe. We don’t even have as much snow as Boston, but it is a lot and the roads are still pretty bad. Of course, it keeps snowing. Seriously, an inch, 4 or 6 just for fun inbetween storms.

All of the snow has made training more difficult. The roads simply aren’t safe and that leaves my friend the treadmill. Of course, we don’t own a treadmill and the gym has to be open. Safe to say, training hasn’t been ideal; but I’ve stuck with it. I was so excited for the race to get outside on the road again!

Yeah, apparently the roads that are unsafe for training are also unsafe for racing. Go figure ;). The decision was made Monday to cancel the race. That’s right, no reschedule. No other 10k available. No half marathon trilogy. No Boston qualifier (doesn’t affect me but I feel for those that it does). This is a big training race for Boston and many runners have been left out in the cold.

Runners are resilient and will continue to train. A local running store is offering a free fun run in a few weeks. We hope to get out there and get a 10k under our belts, but it isn’t the same. There is something fun and exciting about putting on a number and crossing the start and finish line. There is magic in seeing that clock as you push it for the finish line.

That opportunity has been lost for the moment. I have begun looking for other 10k opportunities. Honestly, it is a hard distance to come by. There is one option on the Cape that happens to coincide with the 5k the boys are hoping to run. Another option is in Boston, but is on Father’s Day and in the middle of youth sports playoffs.

We will continue to look for races and train. For the moment, it feels a lot like when this happened…

So close, yet not there ;).

In the meantime my friend and I have traded in our sneakers for ice skates while the kids are on vacation.

I’ve also been having fun taking part in an Instagram yoga challenge. The canceled race will become a bump in the road, but it stinks at the moment.

Have you had a race canceled? What is your favorite distance to race? Has the snow canceled an event you were excited for?

My yoga was missing practice

I have been practicing yoga off and on since I was in high school. When I first stepped on my mat it was all about ego. I was young, flexible and strong. It didn’t seem challenging and I didn’t see what the big deal was.

In college a lot of people were doing power yoga and it was incorporated in our dance classes. Again, it seemed like ok exercise, but I didn’t get the mental aspect or frankly even try. I liked pilates because the movement pattern was similar but I didn’t feel like I was faking the mental part.

I began taking yoga again after having the boys. It started as once a week and grew from there. One teacher talked a lot about ego (while staring at me) and I began to back off a bit. I began to really go with the flow. Simply do what was asked and be in the moment. I bounced around to different classes and really enjoyed them.

Now, I take classes when I can. They are often gentle and perfect following my workout. I always felt if I was practicing a specific pose it was my ego taking over and I was devaluing my practice. I am learning that like everything, there is a balance. I can’t expect to master difficult poses without doing them consistently. I realize that asanas (poses) are only one part of yoga and somehow seemed like I was cheating the other arms of yoga by focusing on one aspect.

I have an old mat in the house (my good ones live in the car ;)) and I’ve begun taking it out everyday (being snowed in helps). It’s only for a few minutes here and there. I’m realizing that it does ground me and energize me. Depending on what’s going on, I may have to try a few times and really set my focus.

The boys are used to me doing random exercises around the house and think nothing of it. Our oldest walked around the mat talking away and didn’t even look twice. Our youngest has decided to join in the fun and has been trying new poses with me. I’m pretty excited to see where it goes!

One thing I love about yoga is it allows for continual growth and that’s why it’s called practice :)

Do you practice yoga? What’s your favorite pose? Do your pets join in the fun?

January ~ A little bit of everything

I knew my miles would be a little off as we were going on vacation; however I hadn’t planned on 2 feet of snow and 5 consecutive snow days. Oops ;). The treadmill and I are working on our relationship and it’s getting better.

January brought a lot of different weather on my runs. Most of my runs were in the 30 degree range and often with some brutal winds. We did run in single digits once and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Luckily after the frigid run, we went on vacation and ran in warmer weather. I jumped back into it when we got back and luckily the temps were in the thirties. Then came the snow ;)

I have accepted the treadmill and have had two good runs at the gym. It looks like the treadmill and I will be friendly for the foreseeable future. With a little luck, the roads will clear up and I’ll be outside soon enough :)

How was January for you? Do you have a treadmill or rely on the gym? What’s your favorite distance to walk or run?

Juno: family fun and LOTS of snow

We are still snowed in here on Cape Cod! Hopefully, we will be able to get out tomorrow. School is already cancelled and it’s safe to say we would all benefit from a change in scenery ;)

The snow began Monday afternoon with lots of warnings about power outages. Snow is one thing, possibility of no heat is another. My plan was to be completely over prepared and hope it was for naught. I pre-made coffee (cold coffee is better than no coffee), had extra blankets and layers ready to grab. Of course everything was charged and we had plenty of batteries and candles. My plan worked!! We never lost power :)

Thanks to electricity we watched a few movies with the boys. We consider it their 80’s education. We watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and ET. They enjoyed all of them, but loved Ferris Bueller! We read and played outside :). It was insanely windy so we didn’t last too long outside.

So far, I haven’t run at all this week. I didn’t mind at first, but now I’m definitely ready! The shoveling was PLENTY of exercise for today and I’m hopeful for treadmill time tomorrow (assuming our road is plowed). Until then, we’ll be playing in the snow :)

If you haven’t seen enough snow photos, here are a bunch :)
The storm..



Did Juno hit where you live? What’s your favorite snow activity? What’s your favorite 80’s movie?

Simply Kid Chefs: Bahamian Coconut Fish Fingers and Mango Feta Dip

As you know, we just returned from an amazing cruise in the Caribbean (in time for the impending blizzard :()! While we were perusing tourist shops, we came across a cookbook, “a Taste of the Caribbean” and the boys wanted to check it out. Our youngest has been really enthusiastic about trying some recipes and luckily, it was his turn to cook.

He selected Bahamian coconut fish fingers and mango feta dip with walnuts. He felt they would go well together (I added a salad). We know that fish of all types is enjoyed in the Caribbean! Here’s my flying fish sandwich in Barbados and my fish and chips in Antigua. I also enjoyed blackened yellowfin tuna and a tuna burger – I didn’t take pictures though ;)


Our chef learned a lot on this adventure! He asked a whole foods employee how to pick a ripe mango and it was an adventure finding creme de coconut (it was in the International section). He also decided to use cod as that’s the common white fish around here.

Preparation was mostly a team effort. I cut up the mango and sliced the lime. He manned the food processor (his favorite) and the walnuts. I cut the fish, but he did everything else! He even cracked the eggs himself. He was hesitant after his last attempt and then extremely proud to be successful!

Here’s the chef

We found some of the instructions a little lack luster. We fried the fish for 3 minutes a side as we had some big pieces and it worked out perfectly. The dip was delicious on the crackers, but also on the fish.

Here’s the recipes


The meal was a success! Our youngest loved it and it was nice to be reminded of warm weather as they predict massive snowfall!

Are you preparing for snow? What’s your favorite way to eat fish? Have you ever been served an entire fish for fish and chips?

What I’ve learned blogging

Three years ago, I entered the blogosphere without a clue about blogging. I had no idea what I was going to write about or how to do it. Looking back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come and all that I’ve learned along the way.

Step out of my comfort zone
Just writing is out of my comfort zone. It was never my favorite part of school and now I write several times a week. I’ve done everything from start running to applying for opportunities and joining new groups. Previously, I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing such things. I even took the leap to a self hosted blog, which I’m still figuring out ;). Everything hasn’t been perfect or worked the first time around, but it’s all been worth it!

Be open to opportunities
Not only have I met amazing bloggers through the Fitness Magazine meet & tweet; but I’ve become a member of three amazing blogging communities, FitFluential, Sweat Pink and Girls Gone Sporty. These are fun groups of bloggers who cheer each other on and help with any type of blog or social media questions. It’s taken me a little while to truly get involved in the groups as I didn’t know where I fit and I was a little intimidated. I decided to go for it and like most things in life, it has made a huge difference.

Take lots of pictures
So many photos!! I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, but was becoming pretty slack about it. It can be hard to remember to take a picture of the kids, family, friends or even events. Funny considering we all have cameras on our phones ;). Thanks to my phone, I now take pictures of everything! They don’t all come out great, but they always tell a story.

Time management
Finding time to write and interact with other bloggers has been one of the more difficult aspects of the blog. I’ve found getting up early works the best for me. The house is quiet and I can sit with my cup of coffee. Later in the day I feel like I should be doing something else or am running from one activity to another. It has become a meeting with myself. I have it on my schedule and I don’t cancel on myself :)

Be yourself
At the end of the day, I am me :). When I began my blogging adventure I had no idea what I would write about. Over the years I have found I enjoy writing about my adventures as a mom, wife, runner, and yogi.

Looking ahead
My current plan is to stay consistent and keep moving forward. I have some fun goals I’m working towards in yoga and running. Like blogging, they need consistency. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Do you take a lot of photos? What’s a goal you are working towards?

Fitness on vacation

I’ve written before that I don’t generally plan to exercise on vacation. Fitness is literally my job and I think vacations are important. The more classes I teach, the more I’m making my own fitness a priority. For me, it’s all about running and yoga.

While I had no intention of running on our island days, I did have the goal of running to celebrate my birthday! We were in Old San Juan on the morning of my birthday and I wanted to run along the wall to the fort. I also wanted the family to join me. Ironically, I’m slower than all of them and they agreed to go at “Mommy Pace”.

It was better than I imagined! Of course little legs had to walk a little, but it felt great to be running in warm weather :). It was peaceful and we were able to appreciate the scenery!

After we boarded the ship, we had a different plan. No elevators! We took the stairs everywhere and it was a lot of climbing. The boys were often a flight ahead of us in either direction. Going up those 7 flights to get back on the boat was surprisingly more work than one might think.

The youngest and I attempted the track on our day at sea. Oh my wind! It was intense so we did just under a mile and called it a day.

I have yet to mention our amazing upgrade. As we were checking in online we realized the room number was wrong. We looked it up and Celebrity had moved us to a family veranda stateroom. What a deck!! It was the perfect place to relax and do sun salutations each morning. I was shocked at how tight my hamstrings were. I’m sure a combination of sitting at the beach and all the stairs. Nothing a few salutations couldn’t fix. ;)

Otherwise, we simply explored! We spent each day at the beach and always went for a walk. Each beach had its own personality and wildlife to explore!

Do you exercise on vacation? What’s your favorite beach activity?