Support systems


My husband and I watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and we LOVE it!  The show is inspiring on two levels.  First, is the person making the transformation.  They are looking at the daunting task of losing hundreds of pounds.  Not only do they have to change their eating habits and work out hard for the year, but they have to do the emotional work as well.  Second, is the trainer himself, Chris Powell.  His ability to motivate each person and show such compassion is a skill we can all learn from.

As we watch each week, we have noticed a common thread for the people who have had the greatest success – family support.  From the outside, it would seem that spouses and parents would want their family member to find a healthier lifestyle; but it isn’t always the case.  There are family members who continue to complain about the healthier food or the time required to work out.  They eat the unhealthy choices in front of people desperately trying to make the healthy choice.  For others, everyone finds a healthier lifestyle and truly embrace the transformation.  The story we watched this week involved a man who lost 281 pounds and his wife lost 45 pounds.  She truly supported him and made the changes herself.  It was a great success for both of them!

I started thinking about myself and my students.  We all need that support.  This weekend I attended a fitness conference where I earned credits towards my certifications.  I was there with people of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors.  We all had support.  I was lucky enough to take classes with friends and I needed it.  Some of these classes are far out of my realm and it is nice to have someone to roll your eyes with.  As our muscles were reaching full fatigue we just laughed with each other.

My students have the same relationship with each other.  The people who come regularly have made friendships and they support each other through class.  They giggle and groan just as my colleagues and I did at the conference.  It is important to have the person who lets you laugh.

Just as you find a mom to share kid stories or someone to discuss work with – find a workout buddy.  It may be someone you know from your social circle or a playgroup, maybe work.  My husband and I both exercise regularly, but we do different things at the gym.  He is a treadmill guy and I like classes.  We support each other by finding the time to go to the gym.  My students and colleagues are my support system once I am at the gym.

Laughter is the best medicine – especially for tired muscles!!


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