First race is in the books!


Two months ago, I decided to lace up my sneakers and give running a try. The first day was brutal! I knew if I was going to stick with it, I needed a goal. There is a local, charity race called the Piggy Trot, for a great cause with a flat and pretty course. I also knew that many people walk this event so I wouldn’t be embarrassed by my lack of speed.

My husband has been running for years and I asked him if he was interested in running with me. He was on board and the adventure began. He continued with his usual running routine and I began my training.

There were so many days that I wanted to walk on that treadmill and restart. Thanks to my (slightly crazy) inner dialogue, I kept going. My husband and I ventured out and did a trial run on the course. This was a huge help. At the time I realized how much work I had left to do; but I really appreciated it on race day.

One of my good friends ran outside with me about a week before the race. Again, I realized that I wasn’t going to be super speedy but I was getting better. It took a lot of work and dedication (not to mention amazing support) – it was so worth it!


Words can’t describe how cool it was to be running (and walking) with hundreds of like-minded people. There were people as far as I could see in front of me and behind me. I was in a good group, people were walking and jogging alongside me. I had to swallow my ego and accept the young kids passing me and focus on my goal. It was truly a balance of feeling a sense of community and reaching personal goals.

As I was nearing the finish line, my cheering section was great. My youngest ran out and joined me as I finished. Acquaintances, friends and family were cheering me on and giving high-fives at the finish.

It was a rush as I crossed the finish line. I hit my goal for time and finished my first race. It was an amazing day. My husband and I have the bug. We are looking into other races, but none of them will be my first.


If you are considering a race, pick one that fits your goals. It should push you and let you be successful. Best of luck! I hope you find the joy in accomplishing your goals 🙂

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