Labor Day 5k ~ An uphill battle!


My husband and I have been enjoying running together and he likes looking for different races. He saw one on his birthday and decided it would be a good way to usher in his “new year”.

As I looked at the course, I realized it is in one of the hillier parts of Cape Cod. I decided to pretend it wouldn’t be THAT hilly. It’s Cape Cod, the hill can only be so big. Ha – the entire course was uphill. There was a steep downhill at the very end, but it didn’t offer much relief.

Our day began with massive thunderstorms that woke up the entire house and continued for hours. Luckily they had cleared through by race time. It was humid, and grey with a little drizzle.

I was nervous about this race, because my training was even less than before. I was sneaking in a 3 mile run once a week. Not to mention my body was beginning to feel the effects of teaching extra classes and being active. Imagine my surprise when I jogged the entire race!


The event was a walk/run. They asked people to walk on the sidewalk and runners could be in the road. They had a police officer driving behind the last runner. I was only a few people in front of the cruiser. It was like having my own parade!

I handled the hills better than I anticipated. Going into the race, my mottos were – one foot in front of the other and keep moving. The finish was a little trickier. My legs were getting tired and the road was wet (and slippery), but I was able to dig deep for the finish.

My time was not my best but I was happy with my ability to jog the entire time. Hopefully, I can build from here and find a faster pace 🙂

Have you run a hilly course?


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