Oysterfest “Shuck n Run” ~ Up, down and so fun!


When my husband began running a few years ago, his goal was to run in the Wellfleet Oysterfest 5k. Due to yucky October weather and young kids, we didn’t make it to the race. When we decided to run the Piggy Trot last May, the Oysterfest 5k was also put on the calendar. Little did we know three of our friends would be joining us. Unlike years ago, the weather was perfect and the day lived up to our expectations!

We always arrive early to the race and drive the course. We did the same this time and discovered there would be some hills. After the Labor Day race, we had changed our training. My husband found an outdoor run that incorporated hills and helped him be more comfortable running outside. I added incline on the treadmill and ran outside when I could.

Having done all of that, I pretty much took last week off. My breathing finally began to settle and it was my body that was screaming. I decided to let my legs rest a bit. I ran three miles on the treadmill Tuesday and that was it. I continued to teach all week, so rest is relative. Thankfully, I woke up feeling pretty fresh on Sunday and it made a huge difference.

The course was an out and back. The pros of this type of race for me were: it’s fun to see my hubby and friends (of course high-fiving), I knew what to expect and the way back was closer to the water. I can’t express how beautiful the course is. We were climbing hills, but it made the view that much better. The ocean was sparkling the entire time!


I made it through the entire course jogging! I followed my mantras of “one foot in front of the other” and “just keep going”. Some of the hills were tough so I looked out at the water and enjoyed the vistas. After the race, I was joking that a slower pace allows you to truly enjoy the scenery. While this is true, I shaved almost two minutes off my last race!

It was a great race followed by a great time at Oysterfest. We pulled a Clark Kent and changed into jeans before walking up to Wellfleet center and the festival. We got there just as a bluegrass group was playing and enjoyed a few beers, and oysters. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was seasonably warm for Cape Cod in October. A perfect day!!


Have you run an out and back? What’s your favorite race so far?

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  1. Hi Susan! I wanted to stop by your blog and say hi after the sweatpink spotlight last night! This race course looks beautiful. I’ve never done an out-and-back race, but I think it would be a huge mental advantage to ‘recognize’ the course on the way back and know exactly what to expect. The two most picturesque races I’ve run have been the City to Surf in Sydney, Australia (you finish at Bondi Beach! Enough said!) and the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Woodstock, VT. So pretty.

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