Jolly Jaunt ~ Family, friends, and a jolly good time


Over the summer our friends picked the local Jolly Jaunt as their running goal. We decided to join them, but we were a little wary of it falling on our youngest’s birthday. Well, it did. We asked him what he thought about it. He wanted to know if he could race too. We looked it up and there was a kids race. He wanted to run on his birthday like Daddy did on his.

We signed everyone up and recruited some more friends to join us. One of my awesome co-workers even made tutus for the event.

The day of the race was a balmy 34* with some wind, but no snow. We geared up after a morning of birthday presents and went to the race.

The boys ran first. They loved it! Our oldest came in second and our youngest was right behind him as he came in fourth. They were so proud of their numbers, medals and t-shirts. Our oldest put his shirt on the minute we got home and our youngest wore his shirt to school.


When the kids were done, we met up with our friends and put on our tutus. This was one of the bigger 5ks we’ve run. There were people of all shapes and sizes. The outfits were pretty awesome. There was everything from Santa hats and tutus to full costumes.


The course was pretty straight forward. There was a small loop before running back, so there were a few high-fives with my hubby and friend as they were heading back. Thankfully, we ran towards the water at the halfway point. It always makes it a little more fun. Of course, the water at this time of year means more wind (it was worth it).


I was able to keep a pretty steady pace and found my warm gear the perfect level of warmth for me. I get cold easily (it makes me a little grumpy) and wanted to be as comfortable as possible.

While no race is easy, I’m beginning to hit my stride. I finished feeling pretty strong and not as exhausted as I have in the past. I was able to give the finish a solid sprint and not worry that my legs were going to give out. I’m always a little nervous that I’m going to face plant at the finish.


Thankfully, no face plant in front of my amazing friends and family. It was cold and when you’re done running it is freezing! My friends and family all stayed to cheer me across the finish. There is such a great feeling of accomplishment and it means a lot to share it with others!!

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