All In!

Holy cow! What a year! My head is still spinning when I think of all the things we tried this year. Last December, I decided to go all in. I didn’t want to have any questions or regrets at the end of 2013. I decided my personal goal, or mission was to lead a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to join me. Here is a quick recap of the last year….

Ironically, I began the year cutting back to teaching three classes a week. I needed to regroup and freshen up my classes. I began adding classes back over the spring and I’m currently teaching a wide range of classes to different demographics in a variety of environments. I was able to select the right opportunities and make the most of them. It keeps me fresh and happy in all of my classes.

I began running. I am still in disbelief that not only have I run over 200 miles this year, but that I’ve completed 5 road races! This wasn’t anywhere near my radar last December. It began as a personal challenge to step out of my comfort zone. I have learned there truly is magic at the end of my comfort zone.


I applied for blogging opportunities. I am small, so I knew that most were out of reach. I decided you don’t know if you don’t ask. This led to my attending #FitBlogNYC. What an amazing experience! Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to go again next year 🙂


I joined our local CSA. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years and it was better than I imagined. I became friends with the farm stand coordinator, tried a ton of new recipes and learned how to really cook with local food.


The boys help make dinner once a week. This all began with them looking through my cookbooks and it’s been a treat for everyone. Not only is great quality time, but the boys are trying a lot of new foods 🙂


I became BOKS certified. I was presented the opportunity to attend the training at Reebok headquarters with some other moms and I jumped at it. We had an amazing day and I am so excited to get it fully running this January.


I blogged everyday in November. I still can’t believe this one. Blogging consistently hasn’t been one of my strong suits. I jumped into blogging without a real purpose. Over the year, I have discovered a lot about myself and blogging.

Where do I go from here? My plan is to continue with my journey and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I will continue to run and go all in. I can’t wait to see where the road leads me next year!!

What are your plans for 2014?

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