Jackie is Simply Healthy!!

My first Simply Healthy featured blogger is Jackie!  You can find her blogging about her journey at Gone Running.  Jackie struggled with an eating disorder for many years.  She bravely shared her story as a part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  Please take the time to read her story!!  Here she is….

Jackie from Gone Running

What was your aha moment?

My “aha” moment came for me when I realized that 1) if I continued in my eating disorder I would die from it and 2) my 2 little girls would watch my behavior and follow in my footsteps. I’d do anything to spare them from suffering as I have. So I began to fight harder than ever before to overcome my eating disorder and that pummeled me into the world of running/fitness that has become a healthy lifestyle for me.

Do you prefer exercising alone or in a group? 

I typically exercise alone. I have 2 kids, so juggling their schedules and my husband’s busy work schedule is hard to coordinate with others. I do group spinning class 3 times a week and boot camp once a week, those are fun to do with others. My weight lifting (2-3 times a week) is usually alone and my running is mostly alone, except for a few occasions a friend will join me.

Texas 10 CS

Do you use music when you workout?

I love to run with music most of the time, it keeps my mind busy, but there are some mornings that I will leave the headphones behind when I run in the dark and it is such an amazing thing to hear the sounds of the world waking around you as you speed by on a run.

How many nights a week do you cook dinner?  Do you meal prep or make it as you go?

I try to cook at home at least 3 times a week and make enough to cover the other days. We eat out at least once a week when we meet my husband for dinner on the weekends. I am a make as you go kind of girl, you’ll find me in the grocery store 3 or 4 times a week as I pick up fresh produce, meat, fish, etc.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date?  What is your current goal?

My great accomplishment to date is overcoming my eating disorder, something I once thought was impossible; the second greatest would be the finish line of my first half marathon a few weeks ago.

My current goal is to continue to improve my half marathon time and complete at least 6 half’s this year and five 10 mile races. I am aiming to run my first full marathon in January 2015!




Blog: http://jackiesoutforarun.wordpress.com



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Thank you Jackie for sharing your story!  Please leave any questions for Jackie in the comments 🙂

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