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Two weeks ago (where does the time go?) I ventured to New York City to attend Fitness Magazine’s Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet, also known as #FitBlogNYC. I was lucky enough to attend last year (you can read the recap here) and have been dying to go back! This time, I made it a little easier on myself.

Rather than waking up at 3 a.m., I went down the day before and stayed with one of my good college friends and her family in Brooklyn. Win/win – less sleep deprivation and catching up with my friend :). I was already more relaxed and knowing I would see some familiar faces made it even better!

I ventured over to the Mercedes Club in a bit of a drizzle, but not the expected down pours. As always, I was early and able to meet a few bloggers while waiting for the event to open. It was fun, but also a little nerve wracking as I hoped to see familiar faces right away.

Once we had our badges and schedule of events, breakfast was served and the seating area was set-up inside. Last year, it was beautiful and we enjoyed the roof deck. I picked a spot in the middle and center.

First up was Betty Wong with Holly Rilinger talking about The New Formula for Fitness Success. Holly was awesome! She is a 5’4″ former pro basketball player; clearly she knows a thing or two about working hard and finding success.

Holly spoke a lot about finding a form of fitness that you like and can be passionate about. She talked about checking in with yourself every three or four weeks to see if you are still enjoying what you are doing and getting the desired results. Good nutrition and enough sleep were also important topics discussed.

Holly recommended scheduling enough sleep like a workout or meeting. She mentioned that the human growth hormone is made when you achieve REM. In other words, if you are working out hard, eating right and not sleeping enough – you won’t get the same results in energy/weight loss/muscle development.

Next up was Dr Marci Goolsby talking about CrossFit, Mud runs, Marathons! How to Stay Healthy in a Hard-Core World. The primary take home from Marci is that most injury (regardless of the type of fitness) comes from doing too much too soon and not paying attention to nutrition. She recommended trying something out for a while before going all in.

There was a real emphasis on eating well and fueling the body. Marci spoke about women who stop menstruating and how important it is to talk with your doctor if this happens. It is often a result of poor nutrition and needs to be looked at in a timely manner.

While it’s important to keep moving, it’s also important to listen to your body. If something hurts enough to change your stride or movement pattern, it’s time to see a doctor. Always better safe than sorry 🙂

The last presentation before lunch was Carla Hall, co-host of The Chew as well as cookbook author and business owner. I cannot say enough good things about Carla. Ultimately, much of it will be in another post. Her energy is infectious and she has a great sense of humor.

She is adamant that people should not give up foods traditional to their culture for a diet. Carla suggests moderation or finding small ways to keep flavor and tradition while being a little healthier. Along these lines, she was quite clear that Thanksgiving is not a good time to try a completely new menu. Try new sides, but keep the primary foods traditional.

While maintaining tradition is important, playing with different spices is a great way to change up recipes. She suggested using your favorite protein source and finding many different ways to prepare it. Carla also stated that you shouldn’t cut out all fat. A little oil, butter or cream can go a long way and will keep you from looking for it elsewhere.

After all this talk about food, it was time for lunch and it was amazing!!! I had the lemon chicken, grilled veggies and quinoa salad. All of it was delicious 🙂

After eating, it was time to visit sponsors. Of course I had to plank with Aliah from The Get Fit Diva for the Tonalin booth.

I have to say, I loved the Balance Bar and Luna bars. We also received a fun tech shirt from Eddie Bauer and it’s awesome! Of course, new sneakers from Hoka One One and lots of networking.

Sadly, my phone isn’t holding much of a charge and it spent this time on the charger with these other phones 🙂

I enjoyed catching up with Nikki from Get Fit with Nikki, Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama, Christine from Love, Life, Surf and finally met Carly from Fine Fit Day in person!! After chatting away, it was time for one last presentation.

Bianca Jade, Anne Mauney, RD and Laura spoke with us about My Digital Brand is My Business. All three women were inspirational and savvy business women. The big take home from this discussion is to find your passion, work hard and be true to yourself.

Did I mention the swag? I’m embarrassed to say, my arms were a little sore the next morning from carrying all of these fun treats home 🙂

Overall, it was an amazing day!! Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to attend a future event 🙂

If you attended #Fit Blog NYC please leave your recap n the comments 🙂 I love seeing everyone’s perspective on the day!

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  2. I wanted to look into your older posts as I am newish to your blog…you have me entertaining ideas about starting a blog someday. Your posts are very inspiring. I especially want to read more about Carla Hall – I love this “She is adamant that people should not give up foods traditional to their culture for a diet. Carla suggests moderation or finding small ways to keep flavor and tradition while being a little healthier.” Growing up & marrying an Italian and being a baker & cook since I was 10 I love what Carla says. I want to be able to pass down traditional recipes as my grandmother did for us….especially now that all 3 kids are expressing a desire to cook & bake!

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