My first aerial yoga class

I have wanted to try aerial yoga from the moment I found out about it!  It simply looked fun.  Yes, it requires strength, flexibility and letting go of fear; yet it seemed so freeing.  As adults, we don’t hang upside down too often.

There is one studio on Cape Cod, Heels Over Head, that offers aerial yoga and I decided to check it out.  I was a little nervous as I had no idea what to expect.  The studio was warm and inviting.  I loved the decor and felt comfortable immediately!Aerial yoga at Heels Over Head

Class began and I felt a little anxious. I wanted to do it right and I really didn’t want to fall on my head (I had promised my husband I wouldn’t).  We began in mountain and then became comfortable with our silk. We started with some cat and cows, plank and downward dog.  It’s different with the material, but also the same.  It was comforting to have familiar movement patterns.

Then the feet came off the floor.  It wasn’t so bad coming from downward dog.  My hands were on the floor and the sling felt supportive.  Then it was time to go backwards.  This one was a little harder.

Once I was there and my feet were off the ground, I realized I hadn’t fallen on my head and it was pretty fun!  We came in and out a few times and tried some different variations. I became more comfortable with each try.

Gazelle at Heels Over Head

I knew that the more I let go and trusted myself, the better it would be.  It’s funny how the more we know we need to let go the more we hold on.  Once I let go, it was awesome and I was able to try different poses.

The thing about being upside down or completely focused on balance – you have no idea what anyone else is doing.  I couldn’t begin to tell you who chose to be upside down or what variations they tried.  I was completely within myself in my space.

It isn’t all upside down 😉 I really enjoyed trying the pigeon, warrior and split variations.  The material allows for a different dynamic in poses I do all the time.

Savasana is always one of my favorite parts of class. This was even more true in the aerial class.  You are hanging in your material, like a hammock/cocoon, it is peaceful and amazing!!Savasana in aerial yoga

I can’t wait to go again!  I think it would be fun to do a private session with a group of friends – to laugh and try different poses together 🙂

Fitness should be fun and allow you to face certain fears within a relatively safe environment.  We all have different comfort zones and it is really freeing to step of your comfort zone!

Have you tried aerial yoga?  What form of fitness makes you the most nervous?


12 thoughts on “My first aerial yoga class

  1. Sounds like you really, really loved it! Good for you. Not sure i’m ready for it yet, my terrestrial yoga is pretty rusty at the moment! But i’m not saying never… As for what kind of exercise makes me the most nervous, i’d have to say anything with choreography / dance moves as I am hopelessly uncoordinated!! 😉

    • I think you would like it (when your shoulder is better). It gives some poses a different and fun dynamic and you are completely in your own space, mentally and physically

  2. It looks like fun, but a little unnerving. Not feeling “grounded” into the mat would be a different sensation. It actually looks a new, fresh dimension on yoga practice and I want to try it!

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