Michael Aselton 5k ~ PRETTY Awesome

Confession: this race has been recommended to me from the time I began running. The “problem” was, the race is at 7:30 am during Memorial Day weekend. As you might imagine, Memorial Day weekend is huge on the Cape (Monday saw a 50 mile back-up to the bridges). Not only did getting up early to run on a celebratory weekend not seem exciting, it falls between 2 races we enjoy running. How did we wind up doing it this year? Scheduling!

We were away for one of our favorite races, the Piggy Trot and we’re not able to run the Viva 5k due to childcare (this has since changed ;)). Desire to get a 5k under our belts meant the start time didn’t seem so crazy and my running friend was running the half marathon at the same time. It seemed like a great time to try it.

I can’t say enough good things about this race. First, the course is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry for the lack of pictures but I didn’t dare stop my momentum. The crowd was great and most importantly, the roads were closed! We had an entire lane for the full length of the race. It was awesome!

Many of the local high school track teams were volunteering along the course. It was great to see kids up early and cheering us all on. Most of the crowd was people visiting with some locals mixed in.

I didn’t know what to expect from my legs as my running had been sporadic. My goal was to keep going and I was hoping to increase my pace as I went along. I slowed down a little in the second mile, but was able to speed back up in the third. My legs felt great the entire time. It usually takes them a little while to warm-up, but they were loose from the beginning.

Not to mention, I began behind this guy (does it get any better?) 
 I finished in 31:38 minutes. The elusive 30 minutes didn’t happen and frankly, I didn’t expect it. I almost forgot how much I love the race atmosphere. Time to find more fun races 🙂

What’s your favorite way to kick off summer?  Do you enjoy races early in the day?

4 thoughts on “Michael Aselton 5k ~ PRETTY Awesome

  1. oh you knew youd have me with the KID PHOTOS 🙂
    we love the walking of the ids k or 5ks
    we love love love love the early cool morning hours 🙂

  2. Early morning is the best! Traffic is low, the air is fresh and the temperatures are at the lowest (which is important in this part of the country). Hot and humid is not ideal for running. High fives for the time on your 5k…30 minutes is really not that elusive as I’m sure you will nail it soon! Run strong.

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