Running in May ~ 56 Miles

I know it’s a little late, but May saw some fun milestones!  My friend and I were finally back to our 6 mile runs after a dismal March and rebuilding in April. The weather is improving and our route has been beautiful!

A highlight was running overseas with my husband. This was the first time I planned to run while away on vacation and more than once! We ran in Dublin, Ireland and Albufeira, Portugal. Completely different climate and surroundings, but early runs all the same. I’ve seen photos from other people who have run while visiting different places and initially thought it was lame. Then, something changed and I thought it was really cool (this continues to happen for me pertaining to many things running related).

We also ran two 5Ks in the month of May. One was planned and the other was last minute (recap of the second race is coming this week). The runs felt really good and my time was pretty consistent as they were only a week apart. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact I can randomly sign-up and run a 5k. I can vividly remember all of the prep work and stress of trying my first road race. I still get butterflies, but it isn’t the same stress 🙂

Looking ahead to June…

June can be a tough month. The boys get out of school on June 25th and the last few weeks of school can be pretty hectic. I’m hoping to stay consistent in miles through the end of school. The boys decided to try out for and made the local all star baseball team. This will change some things this summer, but they couldn’t be more excited!  

Is school out for summer where you live? Does your routine change over the summer? Do you have any trips planned?

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