Ocean to Bay 5 Miler ~ Nerves, fun and high fives

What a day! This race has been on my radar since I began running. I never ran with it as a goal, but I loved the idea of running across Cape Cod (we live at a much wider part of the Cape). It came across as a race we could sneak in and we were sold!

We knew the boys would have flag football playoffs, but didn’t anticipate all star baseball practices. Thankfully, my parents rock and got everyone to the first round of games and practice. We scooted back from the race for the second round 🙂

The race started at 9 and we like to be early and take it all in. We headed off early as it was an hour away from home. This allowed us to take in the beautiful start! Like most lighthouses on Cape Cod (I think all, but am not 100% sure) this lighthouse has been moved back from the edge of the dunes. Storms around here take a toll on our beaches and the lighthouses have to be moved from the edge.

  The race benefits the lighthouse and had the best mile markers along the course 🙂

  They promise the most scenic run and they didn’t disappoint! My plan was to take photos when I was tired, for blogging purposes of course ;). If nothing else, I was getting a picture of the bay, just because.

  I could have taken pictures along the entire course, it was that beautiful! As we approached our final turn around, I had to slow down for this photo. The ocean matches the sky, but it’s there. It definitely helped me keep going.

  The course had two up and backs which is a little funky, but fun all the same. This allowed me to get two high fives from my speedy husband and one from my running friend (we were still at the same pace for the first high five).

Because I had already run the finish (in reverse), I knew it would be uphill. This was definitely in the back of my mind as I was getting tired. In the end, it wasn’t as scary as I built it up in my head. It was definitely a head down, no stopping type of finish; but so worth it!

  Five miles is one of my favorite distances to run, but I was really nervous about how it would translate to a race. I loved it! It’s definitely a challenge, but so worth it! This race was about checking out a new distance and seeing how it worked. Anytime you run a new distance, it’s a PR (personal record). My goal was to finish under an hour (which was modest, but I was nervous about hills) and I finished in 52:03 🙂

I hit my secret goal pace through the race and was really happy with the entire experience. Yes, we are looking for more 5 mile races that fit within the all star schedule.  

How was your weekend? How do you balance activities? What’s your favorite distance to walk or run?

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