Family 5Ks over the holidays

Happy New Year! We have continued to be busy around here and our youngest has now run two 5Ks!

Three years ago, the boys decided to run their first kids’ race on our youngest’s birthday. This year, they decided to run the full 5k days before the youngest turned nine.

There was a little concern about the youngest running in the cold as he is an asthmatic. The weather was supposed to be beautiful – we decided I would carry his inhaler and he would have to stay with me.

Our oldest found a friend and started the race with him. The youngest was ready to go!! We started off at a good pace and we were going off how the youngest felt. He decided to walk up the hill (about one mile in) and then he was running again. We took a few walking breaks and he was anxious to get far ahead of me.

Over the course, we negotiated when he could separate. As we turned the final corner I let him go and he loved it!! He finished at 34:55 (the oldest finished 27:42). It was a perfect day!!

We had so much fun with the Jolly Jaunt, everyone wanted to run the New Years race. Last year, my husband and I ran with friends on New Years and loved starting the year with a run. The race itself left a bit to be desired so we were excited to run the inaugural 1st Day 5k!

We all headed out to meet our friends at the race. As we were waiting for the start, our youngest decided he was not so excited about the race. He’s a bit of a stubborn guy and like that we were walking. It was cold to be walking, but he didn’t care.

He held his ground until we were a little over a mile in. At this point we decided to run and walk intervals. The deal was he could pick the landmarks. Run to the basketball hoop and walk to the black mailbox, etc. We did this for the end of the race.

His entire attitude changed. He was wishing volunteers a Happy New Year and saying thank you. As we finished, I joked that he had experienced every possible emotion over the three miles.

In the end, he was a little disappointed in his 43:05 finish, yet was happy that he stuck with it and finished strong. Our oldest finished in 28:35 and has said he felt like he was flying as he crossed the finish 🙂

Two races, two different experiences. In my head, I know each race is different, yet I expect them to feel the same. Running the races with a nine year old truly exemplifies all that goes into a race. Joy, anguish and perseverance all showed through these races.

My husband and I plan to run a few more races this winter (weather permitting) while the boys will wait for warmer weather in the spring 🙂

Have you run or walked a race with kids?  How did you welcome in 2016?

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  1. I was just thinking about you and then I saw your post! 🙂 Happy New Year, Susan! I love that you got a couple of races with your boys and that you and your youngest got some bonding time running them together. I think it’s so awesome that they’re getting into running so early, I want to do the same with my boys.

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