Frozen Pilgrim – wasn’t that cold!

  Our friends were running the Frozen Pilgrim in Plymouth and it sounded like a fun excuse to run and hang out. Somehow the photos of the course covered in snow and last year’s cancellation didn’t sway us (not really sure what happened to me that snow and cold didn’t scare me).

There were three distance options: one, three or five miles to coincide with the Winter Warrior challenge (more on the challenge in a later post).  We all decided to run the three mile course.

Race day came and it was beautiful! Sunny and 50 degrees for January 31st is as perfect as it gets! Dressing can be a little tricky and I definitely overdressed. I knew I was in trouble when I wasn’t cold at the starting line 😉

There was a great turnout for the race and everyone was excited about the weather. We were a little surprised about a big hill one mile in – thankfully, the view at the top was beautiful and then there was a big down-hill :).  My friend and I decided to walk up the hill and run the rest. I haven’t done this in a race when I had the ability to run the entire distance. It worked out really well and gave us good power through the rest of the race.

I figured I would be somewhere between 32-34 minutes. As I came around, I saw the clock at 31 and sprinted hard. I crossed the finish as the clock turned to 32 – ahhh – my final time was 32:01.

After the race, we went out for a celebratory lunch with our friends on Plymouth harbor. We had a blast and enjoyed the beautiful weather before trekking home 🙂

One thought on “Frozen Pilgrim – wasn’t that cold!

  1. Awesome finish time! Sometimes it really helps to walk a moment to “get full power on” for the finish stretch . Way to go! 😃

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