Why I’m loving crock-pot prep sessions 

We all know I love my crock-pot, but now, I might love it even more 😳. For a while I’ve seen the idea of freezing dinners and then simply cooking it when you need it. Somehow, this seemed like a lot of effort! Life has been busy and it seemed prudent to try! Now, I can’t stop! 

I don’t use them everyday, but I like knowing I have options. For example, I don’t need them this week, but made a few to save for a later date. Spring is usually nutty around here through the beginning of summer. Seems you can’t go wrong with some dinners ready and waiting.

A few reasons I haven’t prepped much in the past…

The mess, yup, I said it. I hate cleaning up a big mess in the kitchen. It takes away from any easiness if I’m spending a lot of time cleaning up.

Time, let’s be honest when you’re running from activity to activity all over the state for sports there isn’t a magical afternoon to prep away. It can be a feat in itself to get to the grocery store and laundry done.

Lack of options (this is a little more crock-pot specific). Don’t get me wrong, I like soups as much as the next person but I don’t need my freezer to be full of only soups.

The last thing I feel like doing after prepping is making dinner. I’m ready to call it a day!

How did I change my mind….I tried it

It really was that simple. I had been following Kelly from New Leaf Wellness for years and her post with several prep sessions (find it here) happened to come across my feed at the right time. The recipes looked appealing, easy and healthy.

I love that she uses frozen vegetables and broadened my horizon to different options such as pre-mixed bags, California blend and stir-fry blend. It doesn’t get much easier AND ITS CHEAPER.

You’re not spending a ton of time chopping vegetables and there’s no mess, win-win! I also love that at least one serving of veggies is done, I don’t have to think about it.

This week I threw one of the prepped dinners in the crock-pot so I didn’t have to cook dinner when I was done. It was so easy, I could have made dinner, but it was nice to have the option!

So far, everyone has eaten the dinners with minimal complaint and it has been a game changer for us!

Have you tried prepping dinners?  What’s your favorite recipe?

6 thoughts on “Why I’m loving crock-pot prep sessions 

  1. I need to channel you. I was so good at the mill prep and tell my husband began working out-of-state Monday through Friday. The child and I start each evening by looking at each other and saying: so?? What do we have in the house…

    • It’s hard when husbands travel. Mine used to travel once a month and the kids and I enjoyed easy dinners that aren’t always great for us, but as his travel has increased we’ve been eating more of these prepped meals because it’s a lot when they are traveling 🙂

    • Perfect! I find our needs vary with the sports season and sometimes cook ahead or just dump it in the crockpot that day 🙂

  2. I really need to start doing this! My husband and I are so lazy by the time we get home from work that we just pick up a pizza, and that’s terrible for us. I think I’m going to try to do a big meal prep next weekend to see how it works!

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