50 miles in May challenge

I am excited to be running my first challenge starting tomorrow (May 1st)! This seemed the easiest way to put forth the rules.

Each day in my Facebook group (join here) I will post miles for the day and everyone will comment with their miles. After a lot of thought, I have decided to stick with the honor system!

The prizes will be a one hour session with me. This can be done in person or over the phone/online. The focus of the session will be up to the winner – nutrition, exercise or both.

There will be three winners: most miles, most consistent and I will enter everyone who hits the 50 miles into a raffle and a winner will be chosen.

The miles must be completed by walking or running. This can be inside or outside; in small parts during the day or one long walk/run. You can track your miles with a pedometer, app or even the health app that comes with an iPhone.

Not on facebook? You can send me a daily email with your miles info@susanfishbackhealthwellness.com

Feel free to share with friends, family and coworkers. The idea is to have fun!

It takes a village to reach a goal

As May is winding down, I’m looking at the goals I set for myself. The one constant is support from my husband, kids, family, friends, students and colleagues. I am a believer in being public about my goals (clearly, I post them on the internet). Not only does it keep me accountable, but it’s easier to ask for help. Most people enjoy the feeling of helping another.

50 Miles in May

Holy cow – the miles are done!! This past week, I logged 17.11 miles and wound up with a total of 60.2 for the month. Crazy, I know!

Here is the craziest part, I was going to back off this week. We had the holiday, I’m running a 5k this weekend and it seemed like a good time to relax. My friends and husband definitely gave me the extra push I needed and I’m thankful for it!

Friday, I ran with my friend and it’s really becoming a highlight of my week. I thought we would miss this week because of the 5k, but standing in the parking lot after running – my friend booked our next run. Calendars out and we picked Thursday.

We ran yesterday and knocked time off our run 🙂 We talk the whole time, so time isn’t the priority. Practice is definitely paying off.

I hit the 50 miles on Sunday. As I wrote last week, this was my plan. Then, we were having friends over on Sunday and the boys’ flag football was a little wacky, schedule wise. Seemed like a good day to skip the track and get things done around the house. My husband casually mentioned one friend was planning on meeting me to see the goal reached. Then my other friend texted to make sure we were meeting.

I couldn’t let them, or myself, down. Off I went to the track while our youngest practiced and I hit 50 miles. It felt amazing!! I’m so happy my friends and husband kept me accountable.

Last night, I went for a walk in the neighborhood with our youngest and my husband (our oldest was at baseball). This has been one of my favorite additions to our week that’s stemmed from the mileage goal.


What a week of poses! This week was what helped me want to take on the challenge. I set the goal of working on arm balances, and I knew it was an easy one to back out of. By logging a photo every day, I was helping build up the confidence to try the strength poses.

Not only was I building confidence in my practice but also asking for help. I think everyone I know helped take a photo this month! Thank you!!

It also gave me confidence to ask fellow instructors for help. I found explaining the challenge and why I needed their help was a great way to start the conversation. I can’t believe there are only two poses left!

Here are last week’s photos…

This weekend will be fun and busy. We are running a 5k on Sunday with friends and our oldest has decided to join us. It will be his first 5k and he’s very excited 🙂

How are your May goals? Are you racing this weekend?

Saying yes and figuring it out

I’m definitely a say yes and then figure it out kind of girl! 50 miles in May, sure that sounds fun; a yoga pose everyday – sign me up!

50 Miles in May

Sooooo, apparently that means 12.5 miles a week. There’s a chance I should have done the math before telling everyone I was going for goal, but where’s the fun in that?!? Ignorance was bliss and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t overthink the decision.

I needed something to re-energize my running and I do well with external motivation. Accepting this challenge has forced me to rethink my time and get a little creative in finding miles.

I was counting on four miles on Sundays while our youngest had practice for flag football. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. A late coach and short practice meant 1.3 miles. Eek, talk about starting off behind the eight ball.

I was able to add a little here and there. One of the best ways I added miles was taking one of the boys for a walk while the other had baseball practice. It was quality time, exercise and pretty scenery all in one!

Running before teaching is really working well. I’m motivated and I have a finite amount of time. Mostly it’s been a mile and that’s completely doable. I just have to show up. Today, I am meeting up with a friend for a run and I can’t wait!! Here’s what my miles have looked like 🙂

#NamasteInMay – why not?

One of my goals this month is improved arm balances. Imagine how happy I was when Fitfluential and MPG Mondetta Performance Gear combined for a yoga challenge on Instagram? The poses didn’t look too bad and I jumped in! Yeah, I didn’t look at the whole calendar. There are some pretty intense poses that will certainly challenge me. I will do my best and I can modify when I need to.

The boys are loving this challenge. They don’t always want to be in the picture (and have been the photographers a few times) but they ask everyday what’s the pose for the day. They try them out and it’s been really fun.

I have shied away from these challenges in the past. I have mixed feelings about photographing myself doing yoga. It is interesting to see what it really looks like. Of course, I’ve been having fun incorporating the beach when I can. The weather is finally nice and I’m trying to see the beach as often as possible 🙂

Here are the photos so far

Thank you to my husband, kids, friends and students for photographing!!

Do you say yes and then figure it out or do you plan it all ahead? What’s your favorite way to approach a challenge?