Why I race!

Surprise, it’s not to win 😉

I like goals

I do well with external motivation and races provide it in spades. You have to keep up some form of training. This becomes internal motivation as you go, but it is having a deadline and set distance that gets you started. There is also the group of people lining up with you at the start. Sometimes this gets you going a little too fast, but it often shows you what you’re capable of!

Sense of community

As you know, I love running with my husband, kids and friends; but we also see friends before and after running. As we’ve been doing it for a while, we now see many familiar faces and have made new friends along the way. At my pace, there’s always other people around and you build relationships along the course.


There is nothing like crossing a finish line! Hopefully there are people cheering, and a nice big clock showing your time. This always fuels that last kick as you come across the finish. Knowing that line (and clock) are waiting for you really keeps you going. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small race or a big one, the finish still represents the end of a goal.


Let’s be honest, a post race beer is extra delicious; but it doesn’t always happen. Many times we have obligations or the race is super early in the day. There is still plenty of celebrating at the finish line. There are high fives and lots of congratulating. Everyone crossing the finish has met a goal. For some it may not be the time they were hoping for, but crossing the finish is still something to celebrate!

Honestly, it’s fun!! I love everything about it. Sometimes I get a little cranky about it and then I get to the race and am re-energized immediately! If you’ve always wanted to try a race, go for it (with your doctors permission) and remember to soak in the whole experience 😊

Have you participated in a race?  What’s your favorite part?