What an amazing week ~ Carla Hall, my birthday and a cruise!

It has been crazy around here in an amazingly fun way! We spent last week on a cruise through the Caribbean (plenty more about that coming in later posts – SO many pictures), I had my birthday and Carla Hall shared my blog post – EEK!

I thought taking the week away and being unplugged would leave me with a plethora of posts ready to go, but instead I read a book, well 1 1/2, which as a mom is pretty awesome! I read Misty Copeland’s autobiography, Life in Motion and loved it!! Of course, I needed some serious beach reading and am halfway through an Elin Hilderbrand book.

As I sat down to write I was a little overwhelmed. Where do I start? I feel like a kid in a candy store. I’ll start with Carla Hall and share everything else later this week!

Last Thursday, the 8th, I was packing and getting everything ready for our early flight the next day when my phone alerts me that Carla Hall has mentioned me in a tweet – WHAT?!? No way!! Of course, I pause packing and check facebook – OMG she’s shared me there too!! I take the obligatory screen shots and share like crazy!

Back to packing and checking social media. Up early the next day, I send a thank you to Carla Hall’s team and we are in the air for hours. I still have comments to catch up on as we left the Internet behind.

As our ship is getting ready to depart, my mom (who is feeding our cats) text messages me the boys have a package from Carla Hall. They are beyond excited! We go to dinner on the cruise ship and they had a Top Chef menu. You guessed it there was a dish created by Carla Hall. It’s safe to say, we have become even bigger fans.

We get home and the boys tear into their package. It was a variety of her petite cookies and a note from Carla! It’s funny how a simple gesture can go so far!!

The boys have been excited and certainly encouraged to keep cooking. On our trip they tried many new foods and even bought a cookbook. They are ready to be back in the kitchen!

Thank you again Carla! It has really inspired the boys 🙂

What are you reading? Do you get star struck?