Simply Kid Chefs: Marinated London Broil

The holidays are a time for family tradition and fun! I spent Saturday afternoon baking with a friend and Sunday getting ready for the week and Christmas. This meant many cookbooks were out and in use.

I’ve mentioned in the past that my mom made myself and my sister a cookbook with all of our family favorite recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo and the boys love it!! Our oldest has cooked from it in the past, but not the youngest.

Of course the cookbook was out with all of the baking and holiday prep. The chef thumbed through it and came to marinated London broil. This was a huge family favorite growing up. Our mom’s good friend (and college roommate) created the recipe and we devoured it every time it was cooked!

My mom’s friend has passed and left a loud and extremely funny hole in our lives. It was fun to share stories with the chef as we cooked and as we ate.

The chef prepared the marinade all by himself. It took a few tries but he was able to flip the meat too. He decided to serve the steak with roasted broccoli and cauliflower. I cut up the veggies and he tossed them in olive oil and Trader Joe’s Everyday seasoning.

Here’s the chef…

The recipe from our family cookbook…

We roasted the vegetables at 425* for 35 minutes before cooking the steak. I covered them with tin foil and they held pretty well. It would be great to grill everything together when the weather is better 🙂 The meal was a success and we will definitely try it again!!

Do you have a collection of family favorite recipes? How are your holidays going? Do you host? What’s your favorite baking recipe?