Riding the wave of fitness

This week, I was lucky enough to observe elementary kids participating in BOKS. They ended their session sitting in a circle and practicing what’s called a wave breath. You hold your hands together and gently lift them with your inhale and they flow forward and down with the exhale, basically you make a wave with your hands and breath. I loved it!

It also got me thinking about my own fitness struggles. There are times I seem to be killing it and manage to find the time and motivation and then there are times I struggle with motivation. Basically, I ride the wave to the top and come right on down.

Anyone who has spent a lot of time on or in the ocean knows the importance of going with the wave and not fighting it. This is also true in fitness. Sometimes your body needs a reset and that’s ok. The key is to keep going, climbing back into it as you’re ready.

Sometimes it takes a little extra encouragement to get back at it. This is where finding a friend or professional is key. I love being held accountable and have recently gone back to having a trainer for that exact reason. She keeps me on track, comes up with fun exercises and keeps me focused (I’m easily distracted in the gym).

Over time, perspective changes and what once seemed insurmountable is the easy part of your routine. Like the ocean, fitness goals are constantly changing and it is ok to go with it and see what adventures come around the corner!

Do you struggle with consistency? What helps get you back on track?