Getting through that UGH feeling


I find the first 6-15 minutes of a tough workout to be the hardest. When I’m taking a class that’s out of my comfort zone, I have to keep going. The treadmill is entirely different. I often cop out and tell myself, “15 minutes is better than 0 minutes”. This is true, but it won’t help me reach the next step.

Having signed up for a charity run and telling everyone that I’m doing it, I can’t give up after 15 minutes. Not jogging and getting off the treadmill isn’t going to get me to my goal. Luckily, my ego steps in and reminds me that I have to keep going.

When I’m in a hard class, I feel better after I get through those first 15 minutes. Turns out, I feel better jogging after the first 15 minutes. The discipline is harder on the treadmill but worth it! I always feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I stick with it and reach new goals.

Let your ego step in and push you through the hard part. You will be excited as you pass each personal best! Keep going!!