Oysterfest 5k ~ Hills, hills, hills and surprise a new hill!

This race has always been one of our favorite races and is probably the hardest one we run. This year, my husband had to travel for business during Oysterfest and I considered not running the race. My running friend convinced me to bring the kids and her husband would watch them while we ran, leading to this fun crew 🙂

Registration seemed to go online late and it stated there would be a new course. Finally, registration went live along with a map of the course. Having run it two years in a row, we know the area pretty well. Imagine our surprise when they eliminated the flat and added a hill – eek!

I decided to not psych myself out and drive the course. It wasn’t going to change my game plan. My running has been interesting. I haven’t hit some of my distance goals, but I’ve been getting out there running consistently and walking during football practice. My hope was a continuous 10:30 pace. This seemed obtainable and it was 🙂

This Sunday, I’m running a marathon relay with my husband and friends. I have a 6 mile, hilly leg ahead of me. I was using the Oysterfest 5k to gauge where I was in training. Thankfully, I felt pretty good.

Don’t get me wrong – the race was HARD!! By the time we were done, we had climbed 254 ft! This is a lot for our little sandbar. I’ve said it before, one of the best parts about this race is the scenery. For example…

The boys have never gone to this race with us. I asked the boys if they wanted to run the kids race. Our oldest was excited to join in the fun; the youngest, however wasn’t too sure. As the day went on, our youngest decided to give it a try. The course was a little different from the adult course, but there were still hills. We talked about working hard, but respecting the hills. 

A mom asked if I would be running with the boys and I laughed stating they are much faster than me. Not surprisingly, they proved me right. Our oldest came in first and his younger brother was less than a minute behind him.

After everyone was done, I showed them the best part of the Oysterfest race – Oysterfest! They enjoyed chowder, crab cakes and some fried dough ;). It was a great day and I’ll be ready for those hills again next year!!

PS. I finished with a time of 34:01 one minute slower than last year. I keep reminding myself it was 8 hills and not the 6 from last year 😉

 Time to celebrate 🙂 
How is your fall going?  Have you attended any fun festivals?