The more the merrier!


Everyone has different ideas about running. I have friends who run for alone time or our schedules don’t match up. I have other friends who don’t run at all. A few of my friends are following a journey similar to my own.

Like myself, they thought running was something other people did. I don’t like it so why do other people like it? It’s safe to say they felt the same way. As I began running, one friend was curious and the other was not. That was until we all went to the track together. At this point, one friend had helped out at a 5k and wanted to try one. The other, still wasn’t sold.

We all met at the track and walked. Every few laps, two of us jogged a lap. The next time I looked up, our other friend was right next to me. She decided why not? She then ran everyday for 57 consecutive days. It’s safe to say she caught the bug.

Two weeks ago, we all ran a 5k together. We were all at different paces, but we had a blast. As I wrote before, it was an up and back race. This allowed for plenty of high fives. The group grew at the finish line and we ventured off for fun.


We are all planning to race again in December and hopefully our team will continue to grow. It is so much fun to have friends along for the journey!!

Do you exercise with friends? Have you been surprised that you enjoy a new form of exercise?