New Year, New Race, New Distance

A run on New Year’s Day? Heck yeah! Run my longest race to date? Of course! I know, who am I? I’ve always thought people who ran on New Year’s were overachievers. I mean there are 364 more days to exercise.

Then, I became one of those people. It all began when I was randomly looking for 10Ks in the area. Turns out, they are hard to find! I came across this New Year’s fun run and mentioned it to my husband and friends. Everyone was in!

My friend and I decided to tackle the 5.7 mile course. We’ve been running longer distances and it seemed like a good one to try. I got there early with my husband and friend. This was the first time we were seeing the course as it wasn’t online. I’m not going to lie – 5.7 miles looks A LOT farther when put next to the 3 mile loop.

Because it was a fun run, there were no numbers and no official start. Basically, the course was marked and you could head out when you wanted. The longer distance had an earlier start and thankfully the event was hosted at a hotel as it was a windy 32 degrees, but sunny 😉

My friend and I set off in a group, but I was quickly alone. This race was ALL mental! I remembered my headphones (thankfully!) and enjoyed my music. The scenery was pretty and the cold wasn’t bothering me. I was very aware of distance and pace.

By the third mile, I was less in my head and along for the ride. I felt pretty steady, but was definitely looking for those mile markers! There was a long, uphill portion at the end. Many people were walking and it was crowded. My legs were done and I sooooo wanted to walk. I didn’t. Pride stepped in and pushed me through!

I got a little slower with each mile, but I maintained a 10:34 pace. Definitely the fastest I’ve maintained for that distance. I wanted to finish within an hour and I came in at 59:43. It’s not a lot under an hour, but it’s still under an hour 🙂

The best surprise at the end was seeing my husband and friends! I thought they would still be running because they had a later start time. Turns out they went with an earlier group and ran their course. We hung out and had some water. Then it was time for the plunge. No thank you! Of course, we did watch. I feel confident in saying you will never see me plunge in New England 😉

Afterward, we ventured out for lunch and a celebratory drink! It was a perfect start to 2015 🙂

Have you done a polar plunge? Do you exercise on New Year’s?