Saying yes and figuring it out

I’m definitely a say yes and then figure it out kind of girl! 50 miles in May, sure that sounds fun; a yoga pose everyday – sign me up!

50 Miles in May

Sooooo, apparently that means 12.5 miles a week. There’s a chance I should have done the math before telling everyone I was going for goal, but where’s the fun in that?!? Ignorance was bliss and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t overthink the decision.

I needed something to re-energize my running and I do well with external motivation. Accepting this challenge has forced me to rethink my time and get a little creative in finding miles.

I was counting on four miles on Sundays while our youngest had practice for flag football. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. A late coach and short practice meant 1.3 miles. Eek, talk about starting off behind the eight ball.

I was able to add a little here and there. One of the best ways I added miles was taking one of the boys for a walk while the other had baseball practice. It was quality time, exercise and pretty scenery all in one!

Running before teaching is really working well. I’m motivated and I have a finite amount of time. Mostly it’s been a mile and that’s completely doable. I just have to show up. Today, I am meeting up with a friend for a run and I can’t wait!! Here’s what my miles have looked like 🙂

#NamasteInMay – why not?

One of my goals this month is improved arm balances. Imagine how happy I was when Fitfluential and MPG Mondetta Performance Gear combined for a yoga challenge on Instagram? The poses didn’t look too bad and I jumped in! Yeah, I didn’t look at the whole calendar. There are some pretty intense poses that will certainly challenge me. I will do my best and I can modify when I need to.

The boys are loving this challenge. They don’t always want to be in the picture (and have been the photographers a few times) but they ask everyday what’s the pose for the day. They try them out and it’s been really fun.

I have shied away from these challenges in the past. I have mixed feelings about photographing myself doing yoga. It is interesting to see what it really looks like. Of course, I’ve been having fun incorporating the beach when I can. The weather is finally nice and I’m trying to see the beach as often as possible 🙂

Here are the photos so far

Thank you to my husband, kids, friends and students for photographing!!

Do you say yes and then figure it out or do you plan it all ahead? What’s your favorite way to approach a challenge?

Time flies when you’re having fun!

This week has been pretty busy, but fun 🙂 The boys began their vacation today and we will be home but having lots of fun! Hopefully the weather is nice and we can spend most of it outside!


Twelve weeks flew by in a flash! This was our final week of BOKS. The kids had a blast and their commitment never wavered. They ran hard until the very end 🙂

This week, we warmed them up and then played a bunch of their favorite games. We started with circle relays, one child runs around the circle with the ball and passes it to the next child. Then came monkey ball, they bend over and swat rubber balls with their arms towards a goal. Crab soccer is always a favorite. They move around, crab walking, and kick the ball towards the goal and we finished with snowball fight. Each team has a bunch of small, foam balls and they throw them to the other side. The team with the least balls on their side wins!

As we wound down, we handed out certificates and jump ropes. The kids were adorable!!


Classes were fun and full! We played with a few different planks this week. A favorite was starting in full plank for 10 seconds, chaturanga plank (elbows bent tight to the rib cage) for 10 seconds, forearm plank for 10 seconds and then repeat 🙂


Last Friday I went for a run with my husband. We decided to take it outside and try a route we will be running in May. It is 3.7 miles and absolutely beautiful! I didn’t stop for pictures, but I got this shot at the end. It’s an osprey building it’s nest in the beach parking lot.

I was a little nervous about this run for a few different reasons. I haven’t run this far in a while and I wasn’t sure how I would do. My husband is quite speedy and gave me a five minute head start. He passed me about halfway through.

I have to say it certainly motivated me. Every time I wanted to walk, I remembered that my husband was waiting for me and I kept going. I finished the full distance without walking and felt great!! We are hoping to get a few more runs in before the race on May 18.

I also got out for a run/walk with my friend while the boys had flag football. We were able to get in 4.5 miles. It was nice to get out moving again!

I am hoping this will be my new routine 🙂 Next week will be a little different, but it should balance out when the kids are back in school.


I prepped again this week, nothing too spectacular. Our oldest is up next for cooking. He is skipping this weekend as we are going out to eat tonight, birthday party tomorrow and Easter with the family on Sunday. Cooking is meant to be fun and enjoyable, not stressful 🙂

How was your week? What’s your favorite version of plank?

Just an ordinary week

My week wasn’t filled with excitement, BUT I’m pretty excited to be a part of Fit Mama Friday over on Carly’s blog, Fine Fit Day! Be sure to check it out and say hello 🙂


I prepped a lot of food on Sunday! I have to say, it makes me feel like a domestic diva. I never thought I would enjoy that much time in the kitchen, but it’s fun to plug along and accomplish a lot in a little time. This week’s focus was eating through our freezer. I had frozen a lot of different foods through our CSA and I wanted to work on using it up. I had frozen chicken broth, tomato sauce and peppers that I wanted to use. I had picked up a rotisserie chicken for a chicken enchilada casserole and figured soup would be a good use for the leftovers.

I also had a ton of tomato sauce that I made this fall. There was a frost and our CSA gave us pounds of heirloom tomatoes that had to be used for cooking. Somehow, I pulled this one off. Sadly, it wasn’t as flavorful as I had imagined. I froze the leftovers and forgot about it. I decided to make turkey meatballs and figured I should try my sauce. Hoping the meatballs would add flavor and if not, I would play with it. Thankfully, it worked and everyone gobbled it up!

The peppers were used in Hungarian goulash that I also prepped on Sunday (froze it) and threw it in the crockpot on Weds. The beauty here, was I used the second half of the egg noodles from the soup 🙂 It was a pasta heavy week, but we don’t eat it often and it worked for us!


We are almost done with BOKS, next week will be the last week. That meant a metrics week. Our school doesn’t have the space so it is basically a free week for us. We brought back a running challenge to see their progress. The little ones were still tired jogging for a minute, but the second and third graders killed it! Their progress was amazing. They also did a great job with a fun obstacle course around the gym. One of the highlights was a ring-toss game. They crab-walked to the three foam rings and had to toss them on the cone and then run back as the next kid went. They weren’t hugely successful in getting the rings on the cone but they were good sports and really cheered each other on. It was fun to see the older kids talking and strategizing. It was a great week and we’ll be sad to see it finish next week!


My classes were happy they didn’t have a move of the week, but learned I had other tricks up my sleeve :). Tuesday, we used medicine balls for squat tosses, and lots more fun! On Thursday, we did a series of 5 exercises for one minute each, took a walk or jog around the room and then 5 different exercises for a minute each. We did this two times through and class flew by 🙂


No beach running this week 🙁 The boys had consultations with the orthodontist during my scheduled run. Today, I’m meeting my husband and we are going to run the course of our next race. It’s 3.7 miles, pretty flat and beautiful scenery. I am so happy the weather is improving and we can get outside!

The boys begin flag-football on Sunday and I’m hoping to use the high school track while they practice. Perhaps, I’ll bring some friends along and we can start up where we left off last summer 🙂

How was your week? Do you meal prep? What is your favorite part of spring?

Back to routine

I’ve had a pretty great week! The kids went to school for the whole week! This has only happened ONCE since winter break – that’s right, once 🙂 Here are the highlights:

BOKS ~ The kids did a great job this week! We introduced a relay game that involved selecting healthy foods. We spread out a bunch of plastic food at one end of the gym. One child holds a hula-hoop around himself and runs down to grab a piece of food and runs back, the next kid holds onto the hula-hoop and they run down together. This continues until the whole team has gone. With the younger kids, each child selected a healthy food. The older kids used a tray and created a balanced meal, working together as a team. They were so serious and knew their stuff! We also introduced some fun new hurdles (thank you BOKS and Reebok) that they loved!

LIVESTRONG ~ I am lucky enough to work for a YMCA that has the LIVESTRONG program. Last session, I taught the group two times. Now, there is a new group, who I had the pleasure of teaching a few weeks ago. At the last minute on Tuesday, I was asked to teach again and of course, I said yes 🙂 It is an amazing group of people. They are always happy and often share a little bit about themselves after class. There is a warmth and openness from this group that you don’t always find. If you have the opportunity to work with LIVESTRONG, I would recommend it 🙂

Time for me ~ That’s right, with the kids back in school, I was able to fit in a run and a tap class. Because my teaching schedule has changed, I’m taking tap instead of ballet. I try to make taking a dance class a priority 🙂 I also got in a three mile run and felt great! I took the week of vacation off and this week, jumped back in. Today, I have my running date with my hubby and lunch with a good friend. I teach a lot on Friday, but try to sneak in some quality time with others.

How was your week? How do you make time for yourself?