I’m a winter warrior!

OK, the challenge was for January and we are nearing the end of February; but I’m still excited about all January had to offer. Throughout December, I couldn’t pick a goal or word for 2016. Nothing was really exciting me. I decided it was time to focus on feeling success in what I already do. My plan was to run distances I felt good about and feel good with the weights and reps I do in class.

Then I signed up for the Winter Warrior challenge on January first. My friend had mentioned it earlier in December and I wasn’t ready to commit. A) I don’t like being cold (ever) B) How does this fit with feeling successful in what I’m currently doing C) What the hell – go for it 😉

I had already done the First Day 5k when I signed up and decided to go all in. They give you an option to buy the shirt when you sign-up. The names of everyone who completes the challenge are on the back. Of course I decided to buy it and there was no way my name wasn’t going to be on it!

I decided to do the bronze challenge which meant getting in one mile everyday (walking or running) outside for the month of January. The boys and I found a fun mile in the neighborhood that includes a decent hill. I also found a flatter mile in the neighborhood for the truly yucky days.

Luckily, the least inviting days fell on days I run with friends. There were times we were tempted to do our miles in the neighborhood or my friend not doing the challenge was going to go on the treadmill. Somehow, we decided to get together and get it done. Something about sharing the experience and if you’re going to put on all those layers, it might as well be for more than a mile 😉

My friends doing the challenge and I even got our mile in through gross weather before attending the Pats playoff game ;). As we said in my house, anything for my name on a shirt!

The challenge was a huge success and gave me the perfect goal to start the year! It allowed for success and took some extra effort. There were a few times I told my friends “I am not this bad ass!” Turns out I am 😉 There were some bitter cold, windy and snowy days; yet I conquered them with my friends and it felt great!!

I was excited to complete the challenge with my husband and friends at the Frozen Pilgrim. Maybe even more excited to celebrate with a cold beer after 😉

Time to find a new challenge – I really enjoy the external motivation!